Episode 15

"Otological Safety" - We all know we shouldn't use cotton swabs to clean or dry our ears.


Spoof Wars @

Celebration VI

Relive the fun and excitement of the Spoof Wars Team's trip to Star Wars Celebration VI!


Disco Fett Unleashed!

Music Video Parody

Disco Fett makes his world debut at Star Wars CVI in a parody music video by Funatics TV!


Intro to Spoof Wars

Spoof Wars is a series of fan films, short films and other media sharing the same continuity started by The Dubious Maneuver in 2003. The series is primarily a parody of the Star Wars universe and started as a simple fan film, but also parodies and references many other franchises. The production order has been:


Episode XII: The Dubious Maneuver Shadows of the Democracy Return of the Smuggler Dark Equilibrium Episode XLVII: The Plot Strikes Back


Typhon Origins: First Crash Origins: Duet

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Work on Spoof Wars began in 2002 as a collaboration between Sean Stewart and Matt Gilbert, after they watched the Star Wars Fan Film awards on TV and wanted to do something similar. The original idea started out very simple, but quickly grew with the contributions of others, into Spoof Wars Episode XII: The Dubious Manuever, released in late 2003. A year later, much of the original film was remastered, and the effects were redone to create and release a special edition. Planning for two more sequels was done shortly after, but those ideas were scrapped, because it would be too much work at the time. By 2006, Matt Gilbert and others continued with the idea of creating some Spoof Wars short films. The first of these was Typhon, released in 2007. The other films continued to grow, and others added their contributions to Spoof Wars, again. In 2010, planning began for a full sequel to the original film. In 2012, a spin-off series of short webisodes called The Rigors of Mortuus premiered with the launch of this website. In August 2012, the Spoof Wars Team took the character "Disco Fett" to Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, FL, to an overwhelmingly positive response.

More Info

Spoof Wars and its spin-offs are intended as fan films and parodies of other works. No copyright infringement is intended.

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