Episode 15

"Otological Safety" - We all know we shouldn't use cotton swabs to clean or dry our ears.


Spoof Wars @

Celebration VI

Relive the fun and excitement of the Spoof Wars Team's trip to Star Wars Celebration VI!


Disco Fett Unleashed!

Music Video Parody

Disco Fett makes his world debut at Star Wars CVI in a parody music video by Funatics TV!


Read First

Please read through the available options below. Below there are two main categories: Extra Types and Supporting Characters. You can choose from both categories, as we may need people playing supporting characters to double up as extras. For those that don't know, an extra is someone who is in the background or plays a very very minor part. A supporting character has a larger role and is featured in several scenes. Costumes for characters will mostly be provided, save for some items like pants and shoes. Most filming times will occur on Saturday afternoons, and likely in groups. We will try our best to work with everyone's schedules. Most roles can be filmed in one short session. We will provide more information at a later time. We look forward to having you join the Spoof Wars cast!

Basic Information

Your name:
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Email Address:
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Phone Number (Optional):

Extra Types

Fill out your preferences on speaking or action roles. If you want to be an extra, select your prefereces as far as speaking/non-speaking and action (gunfight/saber fights)/non-action. You may also enter your preferred types of extra roles from the video in the additional comments box, however we cannot gaurantee your will get your exact preference. In addition, most extras may be asked to play more than one extra role in the film (i.e. Congressman and Pilot). These are the types of extras available:

Congressmen & Citizens Fighter Pilots Jebi Knights Spacefleet Officers (good) Spiff/Dictatorship Officers (evil) Smugglers and Spacers Voice Actors

Prefer Speaking
Prefer Non Speaking

Supporting Characters

We are looking for people to play "spoof" characters. Below is a list, with a picture of the character being spoofed, for reference. Please select any that you might be interested in playing.
NameDescriptionReference Picture
Mr. SATALike Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, may have makeup. Speaks with little to no emotion.
General NearsSpeak with high-class english accent.
Garph Bel GrandeCongressman with some dialogue.
Ariel LieutenisonCongresswoman with some dialogue.
Ki-Adj-HundaiMale Jebi, will be fight scene, may have makeup.
Zayla SecururaFemale Jebi, will be in fight scene, and a few scenes afterward in background, may have makeup.
Scruph-FiiSpeak with voice like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
Mon MothraSpeak with high-class english accent, ideally short red/brown hair (or could be pulled back in ponytail).
General Form
Rex Beefkins
Tim London
James-Luc KirkardBit part (on-screen only briefly).
PirateBit part (on-screen only briefly).
Hal SaranBit part (on-screen only briefly).
Crash NeutronBit part (on-screen only briefly).
Alec RoganeBit part (on-screen only briefly).
Sara ThriceBit part (on-screen only briefly).

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