Episode 15

"Otological Safety" - We all know we shouldn't use cotton swabs to clean or dry our ears.


Spoof Wars @

Celebration VI

Relive the fun and excitement of the Spoof Wars Team's trip to Star Wars Celebration VI!


Disco Fett Unleashed!

Music Video Parody

Disco Fett makes his world debut at Star Wars CVI in a parody music video by Funatics TV!


Shadows of the Democracy Theatrical Trailer Released!

Today I’m happy to unveil the Theatrical Trailer for Shadows of the Democracy, the first installment in the Tales of the Jebi trilogy. It has been a very, very long road since we originally filmed the basic core of this film back in 2006 and 2007. Starting with a very simple (and incomplete) version, we’ve added to the film in innumerable ways – developing subplots, improving and re-shooting scenes and setting it up for the two sequels. While the project took a back seat over the years to school, work, and real life in general, not to mention filming the other installments and now The Plot Strikes Back, we’re working to get this film finally released.

Be sure to check out this new trailer, which undoubtedly makes the film look more serious and epic than it really is:


For more information on Shadows of the Democracy, check out it’s info page and Wiki entry!