Episode 15

"Otological Safety" - We all know we shouldn't use cotton swabs to clean or dry our ears.


Spoof Wars @

Celebration VI

Relive the fun and excitement of the Spoof Wars Team's trip to Star Wars Celebration VI!


Disco Fett Unleashed!

Music Video Parody

Disco Fett makes his world debut at Star Wars CVI in a parody music video by Funatics TV!


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The Rigors of Mortuus – Episode 2

The adventures in the life of Expendable Jebi Knight Rig’ur Mortuus continue! Watch Episode 2, as Rig’ur decides it’s time to relax with some stimulating entertainment: The Rigors of Mortuus, Episode 2: “Feature Presentation”

NEW SERIES – The Rigors of Mortuus!

Today, I’m happy to present the first episode in what will be a weekly series of micro webisodes, featuring one of the new characters from The Plot Strikes Back, expendable Jebi Rig’ur Mortuus. The series follows Rig’ur and his dangerous daily life living on Croissant. Watch episode 1, in which Rig’ur receives a package: The […]